Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roses are pink...

I've finished making the pattern for the second tea cup napkin. It will match the teacup shown, which is an easier design to match than the first effort was. I've basically finished picking out which tea cups to stitch and I'd like to get all the patterns made up before I start stitching more. 

There are more commercial pieces that I should really work on. I've been restless in general. My kitchen is in an awful state and I've been watching too much TV. Too many things I don't want to think about. On the plus side my lemons are slowly getting bigger and the new blossoms will start popping in five days or so (and there are a MILLION of them!).

I have a number of quotes I'm choosing from for my next piece, but I think I'll skip back to non-counted embroidery for long enough to do my St. Trinian's tribute piece. It will have one of the images of a field hockey player along with the words "With hockey sticks and balls of steel, we are St. Trinian's!" Love it! Otherwise I'm leaning toward some sort of snarky quote. Or something. And here's a picture of one of my first cross-stitch/blackwork projects! It's a phrase my sister and I came up with (and still use often).

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Tea Cup Project has begun!

Well I've begun a project I've been thinking about for about a month. While at the beach my mom found me some lovely fancy tea napkins that are an even-weave fabric. I myself collect tea cups so I thought a fun project would be to do up cross-stitch designs of the motifs on my tea cups so that I have a matching napkin to go with the.

This would obviously be a closer likeness if I were doing non-counted embroidery but I said "Oh but the fabric is so tight and the stitches will be soo tiny..." This was a mistake. I am now going blind. Those stitches are teensy! They're like a millimeter and a half across! On the other hand, I really like the overall effect. It looks nothing like the design on the tea pot but the colors are all there, it shows there's greenery as well as flowers and includes the little bit of pink on the cups. I also love how the pattern generally looks (which is good given that I created it myself).

So now I'm torn. I don't like mismatching things so having one cross-stitched napkin and the rest in free embroidery doesn't appeal. However, doing seven more napkins of these damn tiny stitches doesn't appeal either. I will be getting a better spot lamp soon and possibly a magnifying glass of some sort as well so hopefully that helps with the aching eyes. I'll also be getting an eye exam to check to see if my eyes have gotten worse. After that, new birthday glasses from Zenni! Yea!