Monday, June 29, 2015

A Very Pretty Hate Machine

Super ironic that I finished this on the day the marriage equality ruling came out. My hate is focused on bad drivers, people moving my books, listening to people with no knife skills chop carrots, etc... I reserve dismay, shock, and confusion for people who think that marriage is strictly a religious matter or who want to take certain parts of the Bible literally but not all of it (as a mortal, I don't think you get to decide what should be literal and what shouldn't, that's ridiculously presumptive). Not to mention that they've forgotten the whole separation of church and state thing.

Anyway. New pattern in the shop. Sometimes a random, tiny moment of a TV show, movie, or book sticks in your mind for reasons you can't really explain. Such is the case with me and this moment from an episode of Celebrity Deathmatch with Trent Reznor. Steve Austin encourages the glum Reznor with the mantra "I am a very pretty hate machine," (Reznor has an album called Pretty Hate Machine) and thus a smidgen of late 90s TV was forever lodged in my brain. I used to say this a lot when I was younger and wanted to be imposing and intimidating more than anything else. But I was 5'4" and generally petite with a chirpy, expressive voice and an endless imagination so no one was ever intimidated.

I usually stick to DMC floss in patterns that go in the shop, but this seemed like a perfect opportunity for the Caron Wildflowers thread I'd bought a while ago. Hate Machine is a dark red, purple, and blue in person (hard to capture with the camera). I also finished the second corner of the tablecloth I've been stitching. I changed the centers of the daisies to a lighter brown, which I like much better. I don't think I'll change the first corner though, it will just be the test corner. The pink and blue threads in the tablecloth are from the Etsy shop Spiraldyed Fibres. The yellow is from Nina's Threads, and the green is Caron Waterlilies. Everything but the flower centers is done in silk (centers are just DMC).

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just Drawn that Way

 New pattern finished and up for sale in the shop! Doing that fill took so long. Probably at least eight hours.

I wish metallic thread photographed better. Any Jessica Rabbit quote really needed some glitz and it does provide it well. I've altered the bust highlights in the finished pattern.

The metallic went okay once I started doing the one thread folded (with slipknot at the needle eye) method and started using the Thread Heaven conditioner. The silver was way easier than the red though. The red peeled easily to show a bloody silver core. What is DMC thinking? Surely they could use a red core? 

I'm working on and off on this Ink Circles pattern. I also went a bit nuts ordering pretty silk floss from an Etsy seller. The really vibrant ones tend to be less vibrant in person, just so you know. The yellow-orange is really gold-brown in person and doesn't look as nice against the blue as in the photo, but oh well. I was eager to try out the silk floss on something.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I'm so happy to be able to post this now. I made it for a friend's birthday and I had an incredibly difficult time not talking to her about it. I'd find myself starting to send a picture (as would be usually for a project I'm working on), before going NO! Plus, then you have to make up other things you're working on when they ask. So hard.

The design is from some wrapping paper the same friend used on a Christmas gift for me. There's the big lesson - use super awesome wrapping paper for me and I will embroider it for you. It was impossible to resist.

The tail satin stitching got rumpled while I tried to rinse out all the fabri-solvy. AWFUL. Never using that again when there's much satin stitching. It's all the most satin stitching I've ever done I think. I don't know why I've avoided it, as it's really not difficult, and certainly faster than the loose long and short I often use for big fills. I guess I worry because it's easy to snag and mess up after you're done.

The third season of The Great British Sewing Bee starts next week! So excited. The real draw of it and the Bake Off are seeing a group of lovely, kind, caring people do something they're really passionate about. When it's something that many (or most) people don't do at all that makes it even more special. Since there's no big prize and they're amateurs they're all just lovely to each other. 

I've gotten swept up ordering some hand dyed silk embroidery floss. No immediate plans for it of course, but it was soo pretty... I bought a vintage tablecloth embroidery pattern on Etsy (one of those with the design printed on the fabric), so maybe I'll finally start work on that.

Also finished a new piece for Etsy, so I'll post again soon with that. It's a quote form Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Rewatched that for the first time since childhood recently and it's so good. Still just incredibly enjoyable.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More Wonder Woman

I can't believe it's been over two months since I posted. Sigh. Life is life, the holidays are always tough. Now I'm just straining ahead for the end of February and our annual beach trip.

I just posted another Wonder Woman Wonders pattern in the shop. Now I'm working on an Ink Circles pattern and a Roger Rabbit pattern I made with the quote "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way." Why did I let so many years pass before rewatching Who Framed Roger Rabbit?! Such regret.

I'm also working on self-portrait from a picture taken almost a decade ago. Decided now's the time to do a massive amount of split stitch. Foolish foolish, Meredith. The Roger Rabbit pattern utilizes metallic thread, and I'm pleased to say that after following all the advice it wasn't difficult to work with at all, though it is easy for the stitches to become really messy.

My reading habits got really neurotic last year and my goal for 2015 is to stop that. I always feel like I need something to replace work in my life but it's not good to tie self-worth to productivity of any sort. I did have fun making a calendar where each month shows the books I read in that month in 2014 and another with books on my to-read list.

Next week the author of Toms River, Dan Fagin, is giving a lecture in my city and I'm really excited. The book was incredibly well done, not to mention important. I highly recommend it. Fingers crossed I'm able to go to the lecture.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Long lost something or other

What do I do with all my time? For the last while it's been audiobooks plus simple, mindless games. I've been having more trouble with the world of abled people, who, sometimes despite being Very Good Liberals, decide they're entitled to decide what is or isn't ableism, what is or isn't *truly* offensive. It has been triggering. I have hesitated to use that phrase for a while, but that's just what it is. It's not specific words or phrases that ruin me, it's the response when someone tries to educate them and it's able-splaining that follows. Ableism is so incredibly ingrained, we know that, we don't blame you for not understanding, we blame you for not being willing to learn.

Oh, wait, I had a purpose for posting! It's a new pattern and it's up in my shop. It's inspired a series, albeit with a very different message. Today I'm hoping to start the one that says "Wonder Woman wonders if you have your keys." I've never had a key problem, but many people seem to. The other already designed is "wonders why you came in this room anyway." And the figures have different poses. It cracks me up.

I had some vet scares with my cat, where were distressing. She seems to maybe be okay now? I don't know. She's almost 11, so I've been keeping my eye on her. I did learn that her teeth are in excellent shape, which was a relief. I bought her a spider costume in revenge for making me worry.

I also cut my hair (undercut all the way around) and discovered I finally have a white streak forming if I part my hair on this side. I have been waiting ages for this! I've realized I don't feel entirely like myself if I don't have at least a little bit of my head shaved.

I have read a lot of books in my internet/stitching absence. Only 9 more before I'm at my goal for the year. The goal was picked for it's being divisible by 52, but we'll see if I want more after a couple weeks of re-reading to my heart's content. Next year I'm not going to keep a numerical count as I read, and I'm going to list re-reads just as I list new-to-me books. No more making reading a job. I always still enjoy it, but I need to get away from productivity = worth so badly. In happier things, I made a giant image showing all the book covers of the books I've read this year (well, not quite done yet, obviously). And I made an animated gif of the books I read from my "things I own but haven't read" list, which is super pretty. Yup, I purposefully read them so the spines would make a rainbow (mostly in that order too, barring a few things).

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I know objectively it's fine, but that girl isn't me.

Me? Again? So soon? Why yes.

I think maybe I need to be okay with posting even when I don't have an update on a piece of embroidery. I am working on something now, but it's a maybe-gift, so you know how it is. 

The wedding I was in went well, and I'm really glad I got to go and most glad I got to just hang out with the bride and get to know her a bit. The whole thing was beyond exhausting though, and I almost cried because my mom forgot that I can't eat American cheese and got a lunch where everything had it (can't as in it makes me gag severely and feel sick). I had a full face of makeup though, which kept me from losing it (though also made me feel like a clown since I almost never wear ANY make up).

On Thursday morning I leave again, which I was feeling better about pain-wise until a minute ago when I severely banged my foot on something and now it's bleeding and throbbing and sending shooting pains through my feet. I find it frustrating that I run into things so much, like zero personal spatial awareness, even though on tests spatial awareness in problem solving and such is my strongest point!
The wedding was in a rose garden.

Soon I'll be working on a cute wedding embroidery for the couple. Them as little chibi-figures in their wedding outfits, plus the date and all that. I'm excited about that, because it will be just too cute.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Ornate Bookshelf

Well, it's finally finished and up for sale in the shop now. It took a little over a month, though there were plenty of days when I couldn't work on it. I feel like the damn book outlines took the longest, probably because It's just so boring to stitch a long straight line.

I meant to post multiple times since the last update, but a big side effect of my depression is feeling like posting here or anyway is pointless, like my voice is at best annoying and at worst unwelcome. It's irrational, and I know that, but it doesn't make it easier.

Now I'm working on a non-counted piece now, and it may be a gift so I won't be able to post it. Not sure when will be next in terms of cross-stitch.

On Friday I leave for Charlotte and a friend's wedding. Right now I am freaking out a little, because of how awful my legs feel. After that I have a trip to meet my friend Christine though, and that's extra super exciting. If I'd never started doing embroidery we'd have never met. Plus she has an adorable baby and cat, so you know, bonus.