Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fizzy Good Make Feel Nice

This was a commissioned pattern that fell through, so I decided to stitch it myself and add to the shop to recoup some of the time spent on it. The quote is from Black Books, one of my favorite TV shows of all time, but taken out of context (in the show it refers to alkaseltzer). 

The pattern is in my shop now. I have another piece to put in the shop, but I'll wait to post it until then. I'll have to come up th another design quickly, as I'm feeling restless! I have print books I need to read though (one was an early reviewer I got, so I have to properly review that one as well).

My migraines seem to really be triggered by humidity, which is just mean since West Virginia is really humid. I wish I could easily try out living somewhere less humid, but it's just not very doable. I'd like to say I'm doing better, mental health wise, but that's hopefulness more than anything else. Glad to be excited about stitching again. I think part of that is giving myself permission to use non-DMC/Anchor threads. I don't want buyers to feel they have to pay for more expensive supplies or use threads that might go out of production any minute, but there are so many substitutes that can be found. Choosing colors is one of the most fun things about stitching, but I know not everyone wants to make that choice themselves.


  1. Please do forgive the meddling, unsolicited advice (as I imagine you have thought of this yourself), but you can always list likely substitutions for DMC/Anchor with the pattern itself.

    I live in Florida, where humidity is also a problem, all year round. A long-ago neighbor swore by her dehumidifier, as she had some issues with sleep and humidity, and could only sleep with the thing going. Would that help?

    1. No worries! I do list possible substitutions, but it makes me nervous, since you can't really know how they'll look together until they're stitched. I held off on the new pattern until I got to the store to look at DMC's variegated flosses, but there were so few, none remotely similar to the overdyed floss I used on the newest pattern. I think customers feel comfortable asking me directly if they need more help, so hopefully they will.

      I keep the AC going non-stop in my place (heat in general makes my pain/swelling worse), so the humidity inside isn't bad, it's just going out that's the issue.