Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Umbrella - WIP 01

Well, here's my new project! The raindrops are going really quickly and the handle should go quickly as well, so I may finish this sometime tomorrow.

There are a few errands that may get in the way of that though, as usual. At the very least the pattern should be in my store on Thursday.

I live in West Virginia's chemical bubble, where we get far less snow than our neighbors north and south of us. Seriously, Charleston's weather is always much less extreme than everywhere around us. However, in the valley we got a few inches of snow, and in the hills five inches or so (even on the roads). 

I'm happy for it to be colder, as then my electricity bill drops quite a lot. I like it chilly anyway, but being on the fifth floor I get a fair bit of heat from my neighbors. Glad this is our only fallout from Sandy, though. The pictures of NY and NJ I've seen are stunning in the horrible sense.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I want to eat chocolates... Finished

Well it seems to be Monday again. I face the dilemma of expecting a package but needing to go out. It's being delivered by FedEx and they tend to have difficulties in making it up here (my building has a locked main door that can be buzzed open), which UPS never seems to have an issue with.

Happily though, I finished I Want to Eat Chocolates... and it's now for sale in my Etsy shop. Again, the quote is from Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett.

There's also the horrible issue of not being able to buy beer until I get my Christmas shopping done. I tend to have everything done before Thanksgiving always, but the finances are even tighter this year and I just don't want to keep worrying about it. 

I've been working on the pattern for another blackwork quilt square, but I think my next piece with be something in cross-stitch but without text (gasp!).

Also, out of 666 books (ha! though technically I own about 686, but the last twenty I may not keep, so they haven't been catalogued), only two of them are by authors with last names' beginning with I. Doesn't that seem odd?

And yes, I am the type of person who has catalogued all their books.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I want to eat chocolates - WIP 01

It was another tiring and trying week. 

My dad recently moved back here, and I've been running back and forth a bit more because of that, and having my time taken up with more visiting. It's not a bad thing, really, just different. I do slightly miss my normal schedule though. He doesn't have internet so he's over here a lot to use mine.

In the meantime I've knit a number of pairs of slippers (from this free pattern), including this bright pair for my mom, which I've already given her.

The working on this new cross-stitch piece has been slow. The font is large and unfamiliar as well. It will eventually have a border. The quote is from Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett.

It represents how I feel right now. Lately I've been constantly reminded how many jerks there are in this world, how many people who take no responsibility for their actions, who are inherently selfish, who seem to lack any empathy.

When I become a mad scientist, my primary goal will be to invent an empathy ray, and then I'll ramp up everyone's empathy. I think that one single act would have an enormous impact on the world.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Books are Humanity... Up for sale!

I finished my Books are Humanity... piece and it is now for sale in my shop.

Can't remember if I announced it here or not, but at the end of each month I hold a random drawing for one customer (who made a purchase in that month) to win a free pattern coupon (good for four months).

Sadly, I think this blog will remain less active for a while, especially while I'm making Christmas presents. I would say that most of my family rarely looks at this blog, but you never know.

Next project is either Homsar from the Homestar Runner cartoons or a Seinfeld quote piece, if I can gather up the energy to dye some Aida.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Books are Humanity in Print

So I've been gone for a while!

I went out of town twice in September and just got back from a trip to DC. We went to the Taste of DC, which was great, and I regret not making a bigger pig of myself (if only to soak up all the alcohol!).

All the traveling has a detrimental effect on my stitching, of course, but I'm almost done with a new pattern.

The quote is by Barbara Tuchman, who is easily my favorite non-fiction writer. I'm especially partial to her book The Guns of August, which is about the first month of World War I. If you want to really understand WWI, you need to read that book. 

Anyway, I like the way my books turned out and the dark gold text makes for a nice contrast.