Thursday, October 18, 2012

I want to eat chocolates - WIP 01

It was another tiring and trying week. 

My dad recently moved back here, and I've been running back and forth a bit more because of that, and having my time taken up with more visiting. It's not a bad thing, really, just different. I do slightly miss my normal schedule though. He doesn't have internet so he's over here a lot to use mine.

In the meantime I've knit a number of pairs of slippers (from this free pattern), including this bright pair for my mom, which I've already given her.

The working on this new cross-stitch piece has been slow. The font is large and unfamiliar as well. It will eventually have a border. The quote is from Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett.

It represents how I feel right now. Lately I've been constantly reminded how many jerks there are in this world, how many people who take no responsibility for their actions, who are inherently selfish, who seem to lack any empathy.

When I become a mad scientist, my primary goal will be to invent an empathy ray, and then I'll ramp up everyone's empathy. I think that one single act would have an enormous impact on the world.


  1. People are awful, aren't they? Hope you have a better week.

    1. Thanks! I think a good visit with my niece and nephew will do a lot to cheer me up.

  2. Great quote and beautifully stitched!