Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Umbrella - WIP 01

Well, here's my new project! The raindrops are going really quickly and the handle should go quickly as well, so I may finish this sometime tomorrow.

There are a few errands that may get in the way of that though, as usual. At the very least the pattern should be in my store on Thursday.

I live in West Virginia's chemical bubble, where we get far less snow than our neighbors north and south of us. Seriously, Charleston's weather is always much less extreme than everywhere around us. However, in the valley we got a few inches of snow, and in the hills five inches or so (even on the roads). 

I'm happy for it to be colder, as then my electricity bill drops quite a lot. I like it chilly anyway, but being on the fifth floor I get a fair bit of heat from my neighbors. Glad this is our only fallout from Sandy, though. The pictures of NY and NJ I've seen are stunning in the horrible sense.

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  1. Glad to hear you didn't get hit too bad by Sandy.