Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frida - stage one complete

I started on Frida such a long time ago, in 2011, I think. I'd barely done any embroidery, especially not free embroidery. I used the figure shape in a painting and transferred the outline onto my fabric. Then I just drew in the vines freehand, though rather incomplete. 

Planning has never been my strong suit. This is by way of saying, there are so many things I would change about this piece. It is so imperfect and frustrating because of that, even if there's only myself to blame. 

There is a need to finish her, though, and I hope I will. The original plan had been to send her to a friend from high school, as a wedding present, though I also made a quilt block for her wedding quilt. She's an extreme Frida fan, or was. We haven't been in touch for a long time. I couldn't bear to have this on my walls. While I love the piece, the reminder of the friendship and the staring face of imperfection would bother me too much.

Maybe I'll send her off anyone. This friend, she wouldn't think it was too odd, I don't imagine, and I don't think she'd feel guilt over it, or like she owed anything. She was always easy-going and accepting where I was controlled and over analytical.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Frida! WIP 08

Well, after saying I would start on Frida again about every three weeks, I finally did! I have to add some more of the light green vine, and finish and outline the brown, but it went really quickly.

Given that yesterday I went through an entire box of tissues (getting 3-4 nose-blowings on each sheet) it's amazing that I accomplished that much. I also finished the book Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm which is only the best thing ever. It is certainly equal to Understood Betsy and Five Little Peppers and How They Grew.

I'm a little burnt out on counted cross-stitch, so I might work this for a while. I also have some other free embroidery plans I've had for a long time. Possibly it's also that I'm burnt out trying to keep my store regularly updated. 

Today I posted the finished, but unframed, umbrella piece for sale, and I've been slowly posting a number of finished pieces. I've been sending order pleas to the gods so I can afford more postcards and stamps! Sending mail has always been my addiction, but now I have people who actually write back and of course the international stamps for Postcrossing are super expensive.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stay out of my Kitchen - finished

Well I think I'm done with this piece. I'm certainly done enough that I've posted the pattern on Etsy.

Right now the question is to outline in back stitch (probably all in black), or not? Now, if I'd done this on evenweave and with half-stitches, there'd be no question. 

Only with counted needlework your eye tricks your into seeing roundness. Once you outline it with only horizontal and vertical lines that goes away. I know that some patterns put diagonal outline stitches in even with no half-stitch of color underneath, but I really don't like that.

No idea what I'll start on next. Maybe another blackwork quilt piece (I already have the pattern made). I would like to get back to my Frida Kahlo piece, but I also feel like my shop hasn't been active enough lately. Maybe I'll do another shop piece and then work on Frida.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stay the hell out of my kitchen - WIP 01

My 2013 has certainly started busily, and with not much time for crafting. I'm doing my "beginning of the year, man I should really do a deeper clean of my apartment." 

Things don't usually get disgusting around here, but I have a lot of stuff and few shelves, so it does get cluttered. When I get more depressed I tend to just piles things around me, both on the couch and my bed. It always makes me feel like trash women in Labyrinth. 

Today I listed my "I want to eat chocolates in a great big room where the world is a different place," piece on Etsy (finished, but unframed).

Now I'm semi-settled for a bit and trying to get some more work done on my Kitchen piece, the first view of which you see here. I'm listening to The March of Folly by Barbara Tuchman, and though I love her, I'm really sick of hearing about the popes and anxious for her to move on.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tulip pattern

I am a horrible person!

I totally forgot to post this free pattern here. I created it from an art nouveau design and you get it for frees.

Right now I'm working on my "Stay the hell out of my kitchen" pattern, but things have been busy, so it's rather slow going.

In order to save the pattern at full size, click on it and then right click and select "View image." The red square marks the center of the piece.

I did manage to have an excellent few hours with my photogenic niece and nephew recently. They were playing Bob the Builder. Evie is old enough now that they can really play together and gang up on their parents. It's nice and sweet, but also a bit worrisome.