Friday, January 18, 2013

Frida! WIP 08

Well, after saying I would start on Frida again about every three weeks, I finally did! I have to add some more of the light green vine, and finish and outline the brown, but it went really quickly.

Given that yesterday I went through an entire box of tissues (getting 3-4 nose-blowings on each sheet) it's amazing that I accomplished that much. I also finished the book Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm which is only the best thing ever. It is certainly equal to Understood Betsy and Five Little Peppers and How They Grew.

I'm a little burnt out on counted cross-stitch, so I might work this for a while. I also have some other free embroidery plans I've had for a long time. Possibly it's also that I'm burnt out trying to keep my store regularly updated. 

Today I posted the finished, but unframed, umbrella piece for sale, and I've been slowly posting a number of finished pieces. I've been sending order pleas to the gods so I can afford more postcards and stamps! Sending mail has always been my addiction, but now I have people who actually write back and of course the international stamps for Postcrossing are super expensive.

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