Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stay the hell out of my kitchen - WIP 01

My 2013 has certainly started busily, and with not much time for crafting. I'm doing my "beginning of the year, man I should really do a deeper clean of my apartment." 

Things don't usually get disgusting around here, but I have a lot of stuff and few shelves, so it does get cluttered. When I get more depressed I tend to just piles things around me, both on the couch and my bed. It always makes me feel like trash women in Labyrinth. 

Today I listed my "I want to eat chocolates in a great big room where the world is a different place," piece on Etsy (finished, but unframed).

Now I'm semi-settled for a bit and trying to get some more work done on my Kitchen piece, the first view of which you see here. I'm listening to The March of Folly by Barbara Tuchman, and though I love her, I'm really sick of hearing about the popes and anxious for her to move on.

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