Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A departure

I've been doing more pattern designing than stitching lately. I'm also feeling guilty for having left that wisteria pattern for so long, but too hateful for that project to stitch on it.

The overwhelmed feeling has certainly come back in full force, and probably isn't helped by the fact that I'm embarking on a large new project and my current audiobook is read by someone with an accent I have to concentrate more on. Actually, maybe that will be a good thing, since I've been flightly and antsy for the last week.

Anyway, I made this quick, bulky hat for my niece, which I'll probably save for Christmas. I'm working on a second hat now though, and if it turns out very nicely then perhaps Evie can have the rainbow in the fall and the fancier one for Christmas.

That's right, I'm an annoying person who shops quite early. I will apologize for nothing!

Also on the knitting front, I'm gradually renewing all the knit hats in my other Etsy shop, Captain Yarnface. So if you need a pretty hat, I'm your gal.

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