Sunday, July 7, 2013


Geez Louise, guys. I have wanted to do anything but needlework lately! 

In spite of that I started the Cthulhu subverted "bless this house" piece, and it's looking good. Trying to choose greens that didn't just disappear into each other was really tough though. I sort of hate green now.

There's a bit of text in a large font that will go above Cthulhu, and I have to say, I think it will look pretty awesome.

After that, I'm going full artsy. Maybe. My real focus should be finding something truly awesome to stitch on the large piece of dark red linen I bought as a remnant. It's so gorgeous, guys.

I also bought a stamped embroidery tablecloth with a gorgeous floral design that I might start soon. If nothing else, stamped embroidery is just so mindless for me anymore, and that should help. I'm also mentally devising a cunning sort of harness for the q-snap frames to facilitate easier stitching, but SHH. We'll save that for Dragon's Den (I'll admit, I'm a bit tipsy right now, since I think that shows...).

While it doesn't need to be done until 2015, I'm also thinking about the wedding sampler I want to make for my sister (2015 will be her tenth anniversary). I think I either want to go pretty traditional with a few nontraditional elements or else completely nontraditional and crazy. In my mind's eye I see rows of beer bottles...

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  1. Hi! Just came over from Flickr to catch up with your posts :) Your Cthulu is *awesome*, although I have to admit that most of my Lovecraft knowledge comes via Neil Gaiman's I, Cthulhu, LOL!

    And about your sister's sampler - have you seen Ink Circles' "99 Bottles" yet? It's being stitched on a few blogs I follow, and the fact that all the labels are based on real brewery beers is pretty neat ;)