Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A bit of a break...

Please excuse my absence. There's been a plethora of stress and activity lately as my mother just bought a house which needs a bit of fixing up. I can't really help much in terms of house work but I've been keeping her company and doing what little I can in terms of fetching things and holding tools for short periods. My brother came down for a week to help out and then my sister and her family were here over the weekend. My nephew Benjamin and I had a lovely time playing in a couple of a large boxes and I received many kisses from him.

On top of that I've been working on a large knitting order. I suppose I could count knitting on this blog as well given that technically it is needlework; however, I think there's a bigger cross-over between people who do different embroidery types than between needleworkers and knitters.

Things are set up for the dying of the Frida piece though it will take a few days for the drying and adding of more color and drying and rinsing etc... to all be carried out. I've also got another blackwork project charted out and ready for the stitching to begin. I'm doing a quote from Doctor Who (during the years of the 7th Doctor, who was the next to last doctor of the first run of Doctor Who): "Conquer the galaxy, incredibly power, unlimited rice pudding, etc... etc... e
tc..." While I've only watched some Peter Davison episodes of the first run this quote greatly appealed to me on the basis that I adore rice pudding.

It will be set up like this:
Conquer the galaxy,
Incredibly power,
Unlimited rice pudding,
Etc... etc... etc...

Starting with a decorative border above the first line and different borders continuing to alternate with each line of text. I'm stitching it on black Aida with the text probably in green and the borders in different shades of red and purple. Though since I don't want it looking at all Christmas-y I might do the text in blue or a nice blue green. Oh, or I suppose I could do it in white (which I had sort of forgotten). Well, it bears thinking about. White thread would certainly make color clashes far less likely and easier to deal with. Or perhaps a light grey to keep it from being too bright.

Included here is a picture of my dwarf meyer lemon tree. It is covered with buds, the first of which should be popping any day now! This is the first blossoming and I'm very exciting. It won't lead to fruit yet, the tree is too young, but it should at least be gorgeous.

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