Tuesday, August 9, 2011

color fades for the win...

Oh how neglectful I've been! I had a house guest and then I left my camera at my sister's house. That's the pain of having an adorable nephew (and niece), you leave your camera a lot of places.

Anyway, here's my new piece. I had yellow on it but the fade from green to blue was so perfect that I wanted to redo the yellow to get a nicer fade into the green. This all means a trip to the needlework shop (there's a lovely little local place) and it's just so annoying having to leave the apartment.

On the plus side, how gorgeous is this?! Oh I'm so happy with how it's turning out. It is my first art piece. Well, I did that cross stitch of Obelix so we'll just say this is my first abstract art piece. Hopefully I can eventually frame it and give it to la madre. It just looks so quilty to me and quilts make me think of her.

Was there ever some tiny piece of information you would do anything to get? Any tiny bit of someone's thoughts you would die to know? I have something like that, and I dream about it and that person so often. Once a week, sometimes more. The dreams alternate between good and awful. Sometimes the truth is wonderful and perfect and sometimes it's so soul crushing and hurtful. I would rather know though, no matter how painful it might be. I'm not good with matters requiring that sort of courage, but I'm working on it.


  1. What pretty stitching! I've always been drawn to that sort of gradual color change work, but as a knitter it has been cost-prohibitive. Maybe I'll get to try some now that I've learned to cross-stitch.

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm about halfway through Dear Enemy and I'll look for Watkins' book when I'm finished. My reading time a bit thin these days, but I have 15 precious minutes twice a day when I can read on my iPhone while rocking my toddler to sleep. It's nice to read something light and sweet during that time.

  2. The other problem with knit color fades is the immense number of ends to weave in! That is my least favorite thing about knitting so I avoided striped items.

    I used to knit constantly but embroidery ended up being a little easier on my hands. Plus after three years of knitting every day I needed a change.

    It's definitely cheaper with embroidery. To do it with a knit item I'd get together with two or three friends to lower the cost of the yarn and then you could all do different color fade projects.