Monday, August 1, 2011

finishing up

So here's the finished version of my Billy Bragg quote blackwork piece. I think it's finished anyway. I thought about doing from falling stars from the bottom, like raindrops dripping off the piece, but that sounded like it would be a pain in the ass so I gave it up.

I just can't get over the lovely way that the stars combined. Pretty pretty pretty! Wouldn't it be interesting to do a quilt full of blackwork and cross stitch made to look like common quilt motifs? That's way beyond my laziness level, but it's a neat idea.

Also, after saying I'd post my Liverpool FC pattern in my Etsy store forever ago I totally forgot! My brain doesn't work well most of the time, but this is ridiculous. Anyway, it is NOW for sale in my store. I think I'll have to start stitching one for my dad now.


  1. A while back you wrote about reading the sequal to Daddy-Long-Legs. My interest was piqued and I went off to find Daddy-Long-Legs (wanting to read the books in order and all). I just finished it and it was absolutely charming!

    I came back today to find the name of the sequal. Thanks for the recommendation. I am totally charmed by what you choose to cross-stitch, so it stands to reason that you would have good taste in books, too.


  2. Thank you so much!

    I'm SO glad you check out Daddy-Long-Legs! I've got long lists of books from that era, equally charming and sweet. Dear Enemy is loads of fun. It's more adult than Daddy-Long-Legs (both are aimed at adults of course but Dear Enemy is a few years after they graduate).

    Shirley Watkins books are aimed at a slightly younger crowd but are super sweet. Her book Georgina Finds Herself is one of my favorites (available on Project Gutenberg, I believe). It's just such a perfect book, and very very real to boot (real in the feelings, not necessarily in all the situations).