Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pink elephants...

Meet my elephant! He's a bit messy, but cute. You can stitch one with this pattern from Knitty. Be forewarned, I think there's a mistake in it and things aren't always explained super clearly.

Mine is not really suitable to be a kids toy, because I used a variegated yarn and there are a few thin spots. C'est la vie! My sister knows one of those yarn super-careful and conscientious toddlers though, so possibly it's suitable for her.

Right now I'm finishing up the "Women are not..." piece and working on a pattern of The Cheat from the old Homestar Runner site (remember those cartoons? Good times...).


  1. How cute! I don't think he looks messy at all.

    1. Ha, thanks, though I definitely focused the photos away from the messiness. :)

  2. That sure is a cute Ellie! I love to crochet amigurumi. Yay The Cheat!