Monday, September 10, 2012

the knit ball

I have finished this knit ball (free pattern here).

It seriously knits up and assembles SO quickly. The directions make it sound slightly intimidating, but it's honestly really easy. The ball isn't stuffed with anything, but has plenty of form and thickness while still being squashible (you can shape it back into a ball easily enough) and less painful when one child hurls it toward another.

If you were going to stuff it, I wouldn't use fiber fill, since little fingers can pull that out in tiny bits and leave it all over your floor (or eat it). I would use an old t-shirt, some rags, or one long knit strip - something that can't easily be pulled out. You can also add a jingle bell or some other noise-making device. Personally, I avoid giving children things that make any sort of noise, as that's a talent most of them already possess in abundance.

I'm also about halfway through with the Socrates quote, as you see. I'm using a slightly subtle variegating thread for the border, with a shade that matches the darkest part for the inner rectangle and one that matches the lightest shade for the outer rectangle. I have an urge to add red to the piece, but I think that would be a bad idea.


  1. That ball is really clever and unique.

    I agree: red in the Socrates piece would be a mistake.

    1. Yeah, I mostly just want to use this red variegated thread on anything. I'm not very good at figuring how to use variegated threads in my patterns.