Thursday, September 12, 2013

I was interviewed!

Catherine of Ancora Crafts was extremely kind and asked me to do an interview for the series she's running on her blog. 

Of course I ran around like a mad goose texting everyone I knew (okay, so there are only like... five people I text, but I was unspeakably excited). I'm tell you now because my interview is up!

I had every intention of starting my remake of my Roman mosaic but I really wanted to do another illustration for the stitch-along, so I'm putting it off again. I decided on Scraps the patchwork girl from the Oz books, and John R Neill's lovely illustration.

This time I decided to trace it with my iron on pencil, since I didn't want to Fabri-solvy obscuring the evenweave like it did with the owl piece. Only of course which part shifted and smudged during the ironing? Only the head... only the part with the most detail. Sigh! That'll teach me. This is from The Gnome King of Oz, my favorite of the Ruth Thompson set.


  1. Oh congrats on the interview!!!


    How interesting--even though my grandmother was extremely crafty and mostly self taught as well, I actually learned to craft after I moved to a different country and had children.

    My family did try to teach me to knit, but I'm left handed and every one else is right handed and...let's just say, for the sake of brevity, that it didn't work out.

    I do not have your talent or creativity, but the one question I'm asked repeatedly is "how you finish your pieces so neatly?" The only possible answer is that I'm just a tad obsessive.

    And, like you, crafting has saved my sanity--nothing to fight off depression like making something!

    1. I always sort of wonder at the people who started crafting as children and never stopped. I was an outdoor kid, always up a tree or on my skates, other than a brief week of doing a tiny bit of handsewing and a bit of machine sewing. My mom quilted, did some weaving, etc... but she'd mostly stopped by the time I came around. Now she tries to get me to make all the neat projects she knows she'll never actually do.

      Ah, my friend Chris was just trying to teach his daughter to crochet and she's left-handed. I hope they can work it through through facing each other or him looking at himself doing it in the mirror and passing on instructions that way.

      I'm sure you have just as much talent and creativity as I do! Sometimes it just takes a while to find the craft that will access it. I get obsessive about the back if I've noticed I'm creating a neat pattern, but otherwise I guess I'm just a naturally neat stitcher. Maybe it goes along from knitting, where I always had a very event tension without trying.

  2. Thanks to Meredith for giving such a great interview and for making such fabu patterns! So happy that you're excited!!!

    1. Thank you again! It really was just the highlight of my summer to be asked.