Sunday, September 15, 2013

Scraps - 01

Scraps is going pretty well, and I'm done with all the black parts. My plan is to the do the patches in the darkest blues, purples, and greens in the DMC range. I didn't want to fully colorize it, but also didn't want to have it be all black and white. Though, now that I'm thinking of it, my other illustrations are just with black thread... Drat.

I've managed to contract a children's livestock disease - hand, foot, and mouth (okay, it's not related to the livestock disease, I just say that to annoy my sister). It didn't go around our areas when I was a child or my mom was a child. She'd certainly never heard of it. This is the second year that my niece and nephew have gotten it.

Benjamin was here the other day, and we ate lunch together, sharing some silverware, before I knew it was going around. Sigh. I should know better than to share silverware with any child, no matter how healthy they seem. My body is not liking it so far.

A great thing is that when he was here I got him to do a little stitching on plastic canvas! He probably would have done more, but I kept correcting him on which side the needle should go in (I know, I'm dreadful). I'm hoping he'll want to add to it (in other colors) on his next visits. 


  1. oh no sorry your not well
    your nephew's stitching is looking good :)

    1. Ha, thanks. I hope he'll want to do some more next time he's over. I don't want to push him, but I so want him to get into it. I might try knitting with him this fall.