Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rome - WIP 03

I've been in a slump and not wanting to stitch, I'm afraid. I'm tired of doing the things I can do rather than what I want to do.

I love reading, I'd read lot even if I weren't disabled and alone mostly, but if I were active I wouldn't read over 100 books a year. I'd have other stuff I wanted to do. I'd rather be playing soccer in the park with my niece and nephew, or taking long meandering walks around town to take pictures. I'd rather be working 60 hours a week in the bookstore or really anywhere than creating and stitching cross-stitch so much.

It's just hard, and I'm not doing well coping with my life lately.

In any case, here's my progress on Rome. Getting close to the finish, though taking a break today to finish up reading a library book that's due soon. It's The Riddle of the Labyrinth by Margalit Fox, about the decoding of Linear B, and a woman who deserves a lot of the credit but died and got none. Story of womankind right there.


  1. Oh woman, I hear you!

    In my case, it's depression that robs me of energy to do anything beyond the absolutely minimum necessary to survive (such as actually showing up at work).

    I hope things get at least a bit easier to bear soon *hug*

    Re: women never getting credit: have you read about how Hedy Lamarr never got credit for her work in inventing a frequency hopping system for torpedoes? It wasn't until the original patent expired that the US Navy used it--and Lamarr wasn't honored for her work until shortly before her dead (and only by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, NOT the Navy or any other government organization. Surprised?

    1. Exactly, for me it's a combo of depression and pain, but the depression is harder to get up and work through. I'm going back to therapy/psychiatry soon, so we'll see. And thanks.

      I grew up hearing about Hedy Lamarr and her scientific work quite frequently (which was good until the third or fourth repeat). My dad always thought a great mystery detective duo would be Hedy Lamarr working with Artie Shaw. It is heartbreaking about her work, and the ignorance of the government for telling her to go fundraise instead to help the war. Who knows what she could have come up with if she'd been nurtured, scientifically.