Monday, February 3, 2014

Women Who Don't Help Other Women

New pattern up in the store! The quote is from Madeleine Albright, the first women to become US Secretary of State. I had a really random crush on her in middle school, because she's awesome. Now I live in fear that she didn't actually say this. Sigh.

I finished it over the weekend, but have found you never want to post something new on the weekend. So many people do so much internetting at work now. I've never had a job where that was really an option, so it still seems weird to me.

Just so there’s no nonsense later, when I say women I mean anyone who identifies as a women. And also, those of us who are viewed as women but don’t consider it a part of our identity. I’ve never felt particularly connected to either gender, but I know what I’m seen as, and feminism is the most important issue in my life. 

My niece is very into saying "So and so is a woman, so and so is a man" right not. The last time I said I didn't think that was very important, and the main thing is that I'm just me. She gave me a very skeptical look, but I can't resist. Of course she's a toddler and toddlers tend to want to classify the world and give it lots of order, but I feel it's my job to throw some anarchy in there. I am the youngest aunt, after all.

Soon I'll be starting a Minecraft pattern. I don't play it, but I know what the kids like.


  1. Bravo!

    I wish I had started earlier with my own children--to point out that people are people rather than whatever gender the world tries to saddle them with--but I'm happy they got it early enough.

    1. Well, sometimes it doesn't matter if you start early anyway. My mom tried to work the no-gender-roles magic will all of us, but my older sister and brother were more tuned into the culture and less likely to the be the leader in a group of friends. Whereas with me I was incredibly dense/oblivious to society stuff and always the leader in any group, so the gender-free stuff worked a treat on me and not on my siblings.