Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I'm working on another book pattern! I do love book related cross-stitch so much. This one will include the quote "Books are both our luxuries and our daily bread," under it (quote from Henry Stevens, an early American book collector).

When I list the pattern in the shop I think I'll also include versions using this quote from Malcolm X:  "I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity."

It's shaping up to be a beautiful piece, and I'm really pleased with it. I'll be doing the background of each book in a lighter shade of the main color. I wish DMC made more dark reds.

I had a wonderful CouchSurfer over the weekend, which really brought home how much I hate living by myself. It's very hard to be alone with myself so much. 

September will be a busy month for me. I'll be going to a friend's wedding and then visiting my best online friend (ha, ridiculous qualification, my best in-person friend in my mom). I'm so excited to meet her and her adorable baby.


  1. Isn't it interesting, how different and how similar people can be? You and I seem to have a number of things in common, yet I honestly don't like sharing my space. The last time I wanted to, I was in a long term relationship, but once that ended, I've become more and more set in my ways. "Get off my lawn/living room/kitchen!" I'm such a curmudgeon.

    1. Ha, well, I wouldn't say I like sharing my space (absolutely HATE people being in my kitchen), and if I were working or able to socialize normally I might feel differently. I'm an extrovert, though I've had to learn to become more introverted just to due chronic illness recovery times and flares and such, and being alone 90% of my life worsens my depression so much.

      I have a horrible feeling that if I got a roommate/moved in with a partner I would have a long adjustment, after living along for the last five years (I do have to stop myself piping up any time someone touches my books/possessions that are lying around). If I were in the house my sister and her family are currently in that would provide plenty of space to have a roommate but two or three living room/den type areas. I can certainly understand the people with long term, committed relationships who decide to have separate living spaces.

    2. Oh my good heavens, yes~

      I mean, in a relationship I enjoy plenty of together time and, unless there're health issues, I would prefer to share a bedroom, but other than that, I definitely see myself needing *MY* craft area and *MY* book/reading room, and hoping he would have something to occupy himself when I'm busy there.

    3. Fingers crossed for spaces that allow those relationships! In my "maybe someday" house, the basement has one finished room, a large unfinished room, and a full bathroom. I know my mom would love to put a small kitchen in the unfinished room so it could almost function as a separate apartment (the washer and dryer are down there, so you'd need a friendly arrangement there, but otherwise it has it's own door to the outside too).

      One reason I love hosting Couch Surfers is that I get to have brief interactions and then they leave and the space is all mine again.