Thursday, July 21, 2011

oh well

I don't usually stitch things which are obscure references but I made an exception for this piece.

The Benevolent Order of Loyal Zebras is a parody organization in the old Mel Blanc radio show. I grew up listening to many of the great 1930s and 1940s radio shows. My dad just baarely grew up with a few of them and passed them onto me. In fifth grade I went to sleep each night listening to the Green Hornet or the Shadow.

Red Skelton is probably my favorite of the great radio comics, he was so amazing at off-the-cuff comments especially, but I love and adore the Mel Blanc show. It was only on the air for about a year and even among old time radio buffs I don't encounter people who know it. 

I don't care though. It's a sweet show, predictable but funny, and anything with Hans Conried is of course always good.

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