Monday, November 28, 2011

another type of needlework...

The colors are a fair bit darker in person.
I suppose you could call knitting needlework... I mean, you do it with needles after all. Anyway, I bought some gorgeous and super soft yarn to make a baby hat for my niece and I did.

Then I knit a hat for me with the same yarn! Okay, it might not actually be a hat for me (we'll see) but isn't this yarn absolutely stunning? It's good for kids things since it's only 30% wool (machine washable is the way to go with toddler/baby things). It really is super soft though. 

Doing a hat or scarf with alternating stripes of this yarn and a white or black yarn would also be pretty neat.

I did start work on my Five Little Peppers cross-stitch piece and I think it will look nice. It's quite tall though and stitching it will generally be a bitch (it's super easy to fuck up). I'll post progress on it in a couple of days.

OH! There are also some new patterns in my Hardcore Stitchcorps shop including my Tintin pattern and the Arsenal football crest. If you still need an awesome winter hat check out my knit goods Etsy shop.

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