Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Books and soccer...

Sometimes I wonder about the world. I wonder how a badly written book can become a bestseller based on "oh the author understands emotion." When I say badly written, I mean it. Sloppy writing, unrealistic situations, inability to follow the basic "don't tell, show" rule, flat characters, no real ending, no real tension...

This makes no sense to me. I understand that some people don't care about the quality of writing, but those same people will defend the writing. I would just admit I didn't care about the writing but how the book made me feel, rather than villainizing people who DO care about the writing.

Oh well. Life goes on, and all that. I've finished my Liverpool FC piece and I quite like it! I would have started my Arsenal crest already but I was lacking the right color outline thread. I would have just worked around that yesterday, but I was feeling lazy. I'll probably start today.

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