Thursday, February 9, 2012

books and stitchery

Witches and witchery, spinsters and stitchery...

I'm mostly done with my 'easy' project, which gave me a break from the chintz napkin. The entire border is done and the text (which will say Living in Sin) won't take long. I'm thinking I'll take up the napkin again for a bit though.

Today I finished off all of the Elizabeth Gaskell book My Lady Ludlow. It was good, though not my favorite of Gaskell's books. Before that I finished The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England by Ian Mortimer, which was wonderful! 

Sadly the book I'm reading now, Ten Days in a Mad-house by Nellie Bly, is read really badly. The reader, Laural Merlington, has awkward pacing, random overly theatrical narration, HORRIBLE accents, but mostly very mechanical sounding narration. Almost like a really advanced text-to-speech computer reader. I just don't understand how such a bad reader can get work, or what publisher thought this person was good. The attempts at accents alone make me cringe.

It's a short book though, so I'm trying to muddle through the awful reading.

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