Friday, April 20, 2012

So close!

Well here is the next to last stage of the chintz napkin. I'm determined that my next spurt of working on it will finish it. After that I will probably frame it.

Today is the birthday of my adorable niece, Evie. I gave her the Celtic G and her parents were suitably happy, I think. A year ago I was woken up at 6 am and had to drive to my sister's to watch my nephew as Madre and Kyla went to the clinic, as Evie came so quickly there was no time to get to the birth center or the hospital. Evie was born in a small doctor's office, next door to a Big Lots, after only around an hour in labor. She is a very happy baby, and loves her Auntie Moo (that's me), which is of course the most important thing.

My own birthday is in four days. I am not really very excited. It means I've spent another year stagnating in the same stalled state while those around me move forward with their lives in the approved fashion. My teeth are also rather screwed up so I'm not eating cake or anything fun. I'm always happy to have a morning with my family though, so at least there's that.

The last two days have also seen substantial progress on the wisteria photo-stitch piece. The left side has a lot of large chunks of green so I've been steadily working on that. It still looks rather insane, but is coming a little more easily now. Well, I say that, but I'm about to run out of the large swaths of green and will be back in the more frustrating work tomorrow. Which actually sounds like a good reason to start my next Pratchett quote as a lovely break.


  1. that napkin is looking amazing!
    Have a wonderful birthday, cake or not. xx

  2. The chintz napkin is wonderful! and your little niece is so cute! Have a happy birthday, don't worry about stagnating, there's a time for everyone and everything. just enjoy the time with your family:-)