Saturday, February 2, 2013


Yesterday I randomly decided to stitch this color wheel. Other than there being not perfect blue or red-orange, I think it turned out quite prettily. I might outline it in white and then do a ring of each color around that (probably just ROY G BIV).

I really want to work on Frida, but I don't have a good method for coloring the background. I'm out of normal watercolor paint in the colors I need. The next thing I can think of is just grinding up the watercolor pencils I have and mixing that with water (watercolors, at least the kind in tubes, are very staining).

Plus today it was just too cold to stitch. Granted, I could have turned my heat on, but it's a point of pride that I never have in this apartment. When it's really cold I just do some baking (Earl Grey cookies and broiled polenta today) and keep the tea flowing. I'm pretty sure the apartment below mine is empty now, because last year when it was this temperature I had to keep the windows open a bit. Today I've had the windows closed, a wool hat on, and two layers of slippers, one of which were sheepkin. Keep in mind I normally run quite hot.


  1. Your colour wheel looks great! :D

  2. Honey, turn on the heat! I am a Floridian, transplanted from New York, and even here I have turned on the heat once or twice in the past few years. If it would help I'll buy an extra pattern from you :-0.

    1. Ha, it's mostly not a money a thing. My nerve disease makes my internal temperature regulation really horrible, and it's worse (and much more uncomfortable) with heat. If I get a bit too hot I'll stay hot for a very long time, regardless of the temperature in the room. So it's better to keep things cold. It being too cold to stitch is also just due to my appallingly awful circulation.

      I'm also on the fifth floor of a well-sealed building populated entirely by elderly and disabled people who tend to turn their heat up too high, so I do get a lot of heat coming in from my neighbors. :)