Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Give a Man a Gun... WIP 01

I have had a horrible flu, the first day of which I also had a *really* bad fibromyalgia flare. 

It's been eight years since I've had the flu. I've gotten weird all-sinus things which involve the nose and throat and lots of phlegm, but not a proper, feverish, achey flu. I blame the niece and nephew. 

Until they moved here I'd only gotten sick once in six years. So now I'm thinking perhaps I should reconsider my opposition to flu shots, what with all the school germs they bring around and how I wanted to die with this flu and would have gone to the emergency room if there'd been anyone on hand to take me.

Through parts of it I tried to stitch on black Aida. This was so foolish. I hate black Aida, I hate it SO much. Only I keep buying it and using it, because damn it, it looks so cool!

Anyway, just the lower border to do and then she's done. Hoping to finish it before I go to the beach on Saturday. I might start the wisteria project up again and work at that during beach week.

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