Monday, February 11, 2013

Princesses Against Patriarchy

Well, here's the piece I couldn't show you yesterday. Now I have full permission. The design comes from the Tumblr Fuck Yeah Subversive Kawaii. I totally want to stitch all of those things and hang them above my niece's bed.

You can find the pattern for frees right here, and I hope lots of other people make it!

Now I'm working on a red cotton hat for my niece's birthday (not until April). I wanted to do a pointy gnome hat for her, but with this yarn the needles would have to be too small for me to use (to achieve the right stiffness). Now I'm thinking I'll turn it into an apple hat, with a happy little face.

I'm quite lucky that she and my nephew both adore the hats I make them. Also, how cute are they?!

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