Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Parenting Decisions

I'm sure every parent feels like this utterly unimpressed owl when people negatively (or maybe even positively) comment on their parenting decisions. I could make millions selling these, right?

Not being a parent myself, I'm spared this. Though I do feel a twinge of it when people comment on my cat's behavior or appearance. In reality, she's the den mother in our situation.

Anyway. That's done. I decided what would be super fun is to start a (very small) crazy quilt without knowing anything about making one. That's fun right? I mean, I know how to sew fabric together and how to do the embroidery stitches, but I've never done any sort of quilting before (granted, I know crazy quilts are often not technically quilted).

The precision of quilting has always put me off. I am not a precise person in any respect (okay, other than arranging my teacups and books). I am certainly not a precision crafter or someone who bothers to look up the correct way to do any craft.

Sooo... we'll see how it goes and whether or not I can convince my mom to do the binding where maybe using a machine is more helpful. My sewing machine isn't working and I can't sit at it for more than a few minutes anyway, so I'm piecing this thing by hand.

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