Saturday, August 10, 2013

St. Trinian's

Well, here she is, in all her finished glory. Actually this piece needs to be watched in an actual washing machine (in a mesh bag and on delicate, of course) to get all of the printable solvy off so the thread isn't stiff, but it will be a while before I get that done (do not trust my building's washers).

I am having a rough time of it lately, in terms of depression. I think it's probably an every summer thing, since I can get out of the house even less now. The next project I want to do, with the owl, can't be made until I have the right handwriting for it. I've thus far been after at asking my sister to do some samplers for me. 

There's a cross-stitch pattern idea I have too, so maybe I'll work on that a bit. Right now all I want to do is eat constantly, maintain a slight alcohol buzz all the time (impossible for monetary reasons), and watch humorous shows I've seen 5 times already.


  1. You too?

    I hate summer--it's always worse in the summer.

    1. Summer is definitely the worst. You can't even have the comfort of snuggling under a blanket!

    2. And people want you to go out there and sweat and be sociable--what the heck?

    3. Ha, yes!

      The worst for me if when I tell someone "No, it's too hot for me to go out today," and they say "I don't think it's that hot."

      >.< And then all winter they complain about my apartment being cold.

  2. I love this piece! Did you wash it and hoop it? I'd love the see the "finished" version.