Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This is my next embroidery project, all laid out! Anyone is welcome to use the pattern. The owl is a medieval motif (that's pretty damn public domain!), the handwriting is my dad's.

I've got the pattern printed on my solvy and stuck on to my fabric, so I should be starting on him today. I've never done non-counted embroidery on evenweave before, so that's a new thing which is slightly freaking me out. The linen is higher than 28ct, but I haven't actually counted. I found it as a huge piece of fabric in a thrift store for $4, which was really awesome.

My cat is mad at me for letting my niece in the house. Sigh. My niece was adorable, though also full of herself. I said her drawing was nice and she replied "I know." Takes after me, I guess...

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