Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hell-raiser WIP01

Started on my new pattern, using a Mother Jones quote (the woman, not the magazine), "I'm not a humanitarian, I'm a hell-raiser."

Nothing wrong with being a humanitarian, but to me it's about one role making people think you have to be nice and polite and sweetly explain oppression over and over again, to people who benefit from oppression but want to think their hands are clean just because they aren't holding a whip. Mother Jones says, screw that, she doesn't have time to make you comfortable when talking about things that SHOULD make you uncomfortable. (These are perceptions and roles and baggage on words, not actual meanings of course, or things true for everyone, but I hope you all know what I mean.)

It has a full border and I'm quite happy with the pattern, which isn't always the case. It came together quickly with less constant dithering on my part than usual. The border has two colors, and I'm not sure what they'll be yet. I chose reds that have some purple in them for hell-raiser, and humanitarian (which will be a lighter shade). 

Still thinking of the beach and missing it. More than the ocean I miss the old houses, if I'm honest. The little tiny places built in the 1700s in Beaufort are my favorite. Despite having a lot of books (not to mention the teacup collection and dolls) I adore tiny houses. Speaking of, I'm out of space on pretty much every bookshelf. Trouble is there's not much room for more shelves. There's really no room in my bedroom for any. I have a row of three-shelf cases making a hallway and I don't want to go to full-height due to blocking light from the kitchen. Sigh.

Just because, here's my prettiest bookshelf. The top shelf is my collection of old middle and high school text books (mainly). The left side of the bottom is my West Mine Wars book collection, minus on, and to the right are my etiquette books.

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