Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Selfie Napkin - WIP 2

The beach was good, guys. I got no embroidery done, and very little reading, but that's okay. 

My goal for this year was to actually fill the serious gaps in my wardrobe at the trove of great thrift stores there (thanks military families!). It's been four years since I've had more than one pair of pants that fit well (and usually a second pair that fit enough to wear but not well). I also have a need to look more like an adult, both for doctors and gaining their respect and so maybe people will stop thinking I'm 18 (I'm almost 29).

So. I bought 7 pairs of pants, 5 skirts, and 13 shirts all for $60 which comes out to $2.40 per piece, which I think I can live with. I'm glad I saved up some money and really made myself do it. All of them are office-dressy things, so that's good. The only shirts I owned were Threadless t-shirts, barring three things two of which were too worn to look very nice.

I also brought books from home to a couple used bookstores and got more than I expected in credit (though gave them some very nice things, including a brand new audiobook from a very popular series). The best part - I got almost all the books for free initially, through the early reviewer program and stuff that was withdrawn from the last library my dad was at! So in the end I only spent $2 of actual money on books.

At least I got the third sketch on the napkin done at the beach, and stitched when we got home. I was always hurting so much at the beach that doing anything other than watching TV was hard. However, we discovered the show Rehab Addict, which is awesome. No massive pieces of linen in the thrift stores this time, but we can't have everything.


  1. Ugh. Don't you just hate it when people treat you like a child? I get that a lot since I'm so short (I'm 5'0"). You'd think it would stop as I get older, but only a few weeks ago a lady in the grocery store who looked around my age or younger called me "sweetie". And I'm 40!

    1. Ah yeah, height makes a difference. I'm 5'4" so not quite on the same height level (in terms of how society affects us).

      In West Virginia everyone is sweetie, darlin, hun, forever, no matter their age. Then of course if you get to 60 or 70 everyone gets worse with treating you like a child again!

      I could probably solve some of mine by wearing makeup, but I am way too lazy for that, and no matter how subtly it's done I think I look like a little kid playing who got into her mother's makeup.

  2. I'm sorry you were in pain, but woman, that's some great clothing haul!

    It does suck that one has to 'dress the part' to be taken seriously. I'm presently looking for a different job (cause mine is just about done me in), and dressing for interviews is killing me!

    1. I'm definitely pleased about the clothing. Since I had saved quite a bit of money for the beach it wasn't so hard to spend it.

      Yeah, I'd like to just be me and try to shatter expectations, but that's a luxury most of us can't afford. And I like nice professional clothes sometimes, but it's different when you feel forced.