Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bastardization of Tradition...

This is what I like most about cross-stitch - the combination of traditional borders/motifs and modern/snarky quotes. It's just so much fun. Plus, quotation pieces can be finished relatively quickly. From the moment I heard this line on the Scottish comedy Still Game I knew I wanted to stitch it.

I'm really pleased with the color combinations in this piece. There will be three different borders under the quote as well and I'm generally planning to use the same colors as in th
e top borders. The font is basically this half-uncial one with some alterations since I wanted more typical lowercase letters, I love how it turned out though.

I'm always amazed at how different something can look once it's stitched. The purple border ended up looking very argyle-ish, which I adore. I did learn something very vulnerable with this project though. Mainly that it is very difficult to stitch when your nose is leaking like a sieve. I have a bad cold/flu/thing that began with that super watery type of nose running where it just leaks out no matter what. I'm surprised I didn't get any on the project because I was still trying to stitch as much as possible. Now it's all about that typing of wracking cough that shakes your whole throat and some very questionably colored phlegm. Thank god for needlework, in any case.


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  2. Yet so many people have it. The 'Moody Bastarditis,' I mean. Fair amount of your flu-ey thing around on the internet, too.

    I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks! I hope the pain gets better, as well as the phlegm..

  3. Well, they may be moody bastards but I think the point of the quote for me (outside it's show context) is that they don't get to pretend it's a condition that's outside of their control. They have to take responsibility for being moody bastards.

    Thanks so much for checking me out here and taking time to comment! The flu has, happily, pretty much entirely gone.