Sunday, January 9, 2011

exterminate, eradicate, destroy!

So what am I up to after my triumphant finishing of the Roman mosaic (for which I shall no doubt soon receive my triumph and lictors)? I thought I'd get as far away from ancient Rome as possible (while simultaneously as close to as possible, if you follow me), and cross-stitch a lovely Dalek from Doctor Who.

Should be finished with him tomorrow, just have some more words to stitch. After running a million errands and thoroughly knackering myself I've been fairly lazy. Do you ever just randomly need to watch some old Simpsons? There are a number of seasons which I can confidently say I've seen almost none of since for many years I had no TV service or was at boarding school where the only TV I watched was Saturday morning WV PBS (all British hilarity).

I'm of an age that The Simpsons is one of those super comforting things. I love That Mitchell and Webb Look and Still Game and Waiting for God, all the lovely British stuff that typically makes me laugh more than the Simpsons does, but I didn't grow up watching it with my whole family. Of course, now I've realized that I laugh at the most random little half-jokes and visual things.

I've long suspected that I may be a bit of a goof, and I'm afraid this only confirms it. The fact that I still crack up at Rocky and Bullwinkle episodes which I know by heart was also a strong indicator.

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