Monday, January 10, 2011

Destruction and Sunlight

Today has been unusually productive. I took a shower, did some cleaning, put some stuff in the slow cooker, and did some more cleaning. That doesn't sound like much but for me it's enough to end up with extremely sore legs and it means that tomorrow will have to be much more restful. I have rewarded myself with a nice glass of whiskey (wheat whiskey to be precise, good stuff).

I also finished my Dalek. I think I'm finished anyway. My original pattern included a couple of extra "destroys" in gradually smaller sizes, but I think it's best with just the three lines. All in the all I think the actual Dalek turned out smashingly and is immediately recognizable. It was really difficult making the pattern, especially the circles because of the size and angle changing, so I was worried it wouldn't be recognizable at all. Luckily my critiques are often incorrect.

Also find posted: a picture of my Roman mosaic taken in actual sunlight, proving to all that I am NOT a vampire (you have to pronounce it wahm-pier).

Next I think I'll be working on a quotation piece with different borders above and below it in the fashion of a sampler (similar to my blackwork piece but all cross-stitch). The quote is from the Scottish TV show Still Game and goes as follows: "There's nay disease called 'Moody Bastarditis.' " Hilarious!

Realistically that piece may get put off. I feel a need to return to free embroidery for a while. There's a Frida Kahlo project that I've basically finished the pattern for, and a few other things I'd like to try, as well as experimenting to find the best transfer technique.

Here is a picture of my craft table, which is unusually clean. I don't stitch there though as I can't sit upright for all that long, but it's good for those quick crafts that you really have to sit up for. Plus look how pretty my decoupage job is!

Sometimes I forget that I really only like cream cheese in small amounts, isn't that silly? Also, I am craving some sort of food, but I can't put my finger on what kind. It's maddening.

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