Monday, March 14, 2011

Hardcore StitchCorps is open!

My needlwork shop on Etsy is now open! Huzzah! I'm posting a few items each day this week. Eventually it will have my animal face patterns, the Dalek and Poetry quote patterns, the framed Felix cross-stitch, my framed Obelix cross-stitch, and a few others. Hopefully it will go well.

I've mostly been knitting for the last couple of days but last night started work on this little beauty. In fact I wish I wasn't sober right now! I'm debating on whether to leave it as is, to fill in the border with a second color, or to add some more border things on the top and bottom so as to balance out the shape a little (I have issues with symmetry and balance). Any thoughts?

I am so tired it's not even funny, but every day pretty much feels like that anymore. I bought some chocolate syrup and have been treating myself to a glass of chocolate milk every day, which is lovely and no doubt I need the calcium. I also dreamed a Doctor Who episode last night, one with Peter Davison (who I love). It wasn't an actual episode just my brain making up an episode for me. My brain is really nice to me in terms of dreams, I remember one dream pretty much every night and they're usually pretty interesting and are often basically just movies with full plots that I'm only watching, not participating in. Thank you brain.

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