Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More drunkeness...

Well I've posted a few more items in my Hardcore StitchCorps shop, finished the piece I was working on, and made carnitas.

I'm happy with how the border for this piece turned out. At some point I began to worry that I was getting a bit carried away with things but the end result is just perfect.

Since we found out they're doing new episodes of Upstairs Downstairs my mother and I are rewatching the original series to prepare. I doubt we'll watch even half of it before seeing the new series since my mom tends to watch things rather slowly but I'm at least going to watch all of the last season before seeing the new. When I couldn't sleep when I was younger (ten or so) I would go downstairs and my mom would let me have a spoonful of peanut butter. She'd usually have one with me and when it was finished I had to go back to bed without fuss. Most of the time when I'd come down I'd find her watching Upstairs Downstairs. It looked like such an interesting show and I connect it so much with my mother.

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