Monday, March 5, 2012

Plugging away...

Well, my Arsenal crest is no longer rude. It's just SO much stitching, since every single square of the design is a stitched square. 

I am a distinctly lazy stitcher, which is silly since I've got all bloody day every day to stitch. Partly I just like finishing things, and partly if I'm spending this long on a project then I'm coming up with fewer new patterns for my store. 

I've sold the Arsenal and Liverpool patterns a couple times with no images of the finished project, but I think it's far better to have those pictures. Partly that's so there's nothing for anyone to complain about, and partly because that way I know for sure what colors are good to use for you. Usually there's always one color I pick at the beginning of a project that I then change for something a little lighter or darker once it's done on fabric and next to the other colors.

Really I've made immense progress on the Arsenal crest given that I only worked on it a bit at the beach. About half the work was done yesterday and today. I'm just feeling a bit more AUGH! because I've gotten to the really annoying cannon wheel section which will take more mental attention and I'm still really sore and tired from vacation.

Also I don't cheer for Arsenal at all (being a Liverpool girl primarily), so perhaps that's it too. Oh, no, it's definitely the laziness.

EDIT: This pattern is now available for free.

I've randomly decided to tell you what books I'm listening to while I stitch. Right now it's Outwitting History by Aaron Lansky and it's really fascinating, plus the reader is quite good (which makes a big difference). It's about the non-profit organization he started to save Yiddish books after only learning the language himself as an adult. I really like listening to Yiddish spoken and there are short sentences all throughout the book (with translations, of course), so it's also nice on that account.


  1. Hi there. I would really like this pattern to do but couldn't find it in your etsy shop? Also how big was the finished item? And how long did it take you as I wanted to do it in time for Christmas. Thankyou

    1. That pattern is now available free via my Flickr account, you'll find all the sizing information there:

      As for how long... Well, no idea. I don't really keep track of that at all, and I stitched this two years ago. Maybe a week with quite a bit of work done each day?