Wednesday, March 21, 2012

second border

Here's Une Fille Formidable with the second border added. I've put it aside for a bit because of having a long book to read (no audio edition of it) and I've been working on the chintz napkin again (that will be my next post).

The weather has been freaking ridiculous lately. I've had to turn on the air conditioning every day for the last week. I've fought it as much as possible, but my pain is so much worse when I'm hot. I'm happy to sacrifice book and cross-stitch supply money in exchange for not being completely uncomfortable and extra-achey.

Saying that, I did spend more than usual on a book recently. It's the WPA guide to West Virginia and I can't wait to get it! I think the Works Progress Administration is one of the most amazing things our country has ever done. I wish they'd bring some of those programs back. Some of the state guides were written by people who became very famous authors, but mostly I just want to read about West Virginia circa 1940.