Saturday, June 30, 2012

Color project update and quilt colors

I am already a quarter of the way through the color project, which seems rather insane.

It goes quickly but it's so tedious to constantly be starting a new color and then immediately ending it. I've been sort of queueing up ten or so at a time, and of course now I'll have loose thread on EVERY bobbin. I do have a number of other ideas for similar projects using different shapes and arrangements though, so I suppose I'll just continue those until I've used up the loose bits.

Also, here are the colors I've chosen for my quilt project! The dark green is possibly the background. The quilt block design I'm using is a Lemoyne Star, and the dark green is for the background (not sure which I'll use), which has a much larger fill pattern than the diamonds. That might be too dark a green, but I'll just have to see once I get there. I think my pricey hand-dyed variegated thread will work out though. It's no SO variegated that it will be overwhelming, just enough to provide some extra interest.

It was difficult to get a really accurate picture of the hand-dyed yarn, so I doctored that one on the computer. It's still not QUITE right, but you get the idea. Also, my star looks distorted because of the odd angle, but I promise it's not really. 

I am switching over to work on the quilt motif for a while, though it should go relative quickly.


  1. i seriously cannot state enough how stoked i am about this project. it's so genius. i want to make one too! honestly, i'm so excited to see it finished!

    1. You should definitely make one! It's certainly easy, and it's makes a nice "put down a few squares when you're too tired to follow a pattern" project. Plus at the end of it you'll have every DMC color.

      I'll post the colors I'm leaving out when I'm done, though probably not everyone cares about having it completely square...