Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Over the Rubicon...

Well, I am Caesar and I am over the Rubicon now; on my way freedom and power and over the first hurdle. At least, that's where I am, figuratively, with my Roman mosaic cross-stitch piece.

I am not entirely satisfied with the colors on the righ
t hand bundle, but it's the best I can do. Two skeins will look like they'll contrast nicely when you hold them next to each other, but stitched onto Aida they blend into the other. I had this trouble with my greys on the skull too, and there's just no solution. There are only so many colors of thread, and certainly only a fraction of that at my local Michael's where the colors are not organized in any way. If I were healthy I'd organize them myself.

In any case, even though I've crossed the Rubicon, turned legions into traitors, and made my position clear, there is still a long road ahead and Pompey doesn't fall easily. The entire background will be three shades of teal, interspersed at random. I'm going to see how it looks with half-stitches first and hope that it looks good since it will be a ton of work to do that entire background with cross stitches. My Obelix piece used half stitches for the menhir and the skin color and it looks just fine. On the mosaic it will also help the main design pop.

Christmas was Christmas and I had a perfect time with my dad, though tiring. It's not quite over yet though as my sister, her husband, and my nephew come down tomorrow and we'll exchange presents then. I got to show my dad lots of the Scottish TV show Still Game though, where it turns out I understand the Glaswegian accent better than he does. He loved it though and we watched a few other things too, including the two Discworld two-part programs based on The Color of Magic and the Hogfather (the latter being the poorer, I feel, for having missed the mark on a few characters).

Now I'm making a much-needed grocery list and letting some peanut butter caramel corn cool off (and trying not to eat it all before my sister and her troupe get here).


  1. Nice progress! On a semi-related note what do you use to hold your larger pieces while working on them? I have decided to start back on my larger periodic table project and right now am using a q-snap frame but its a tad hard to work with since it's such a big piece of fabric. Any recommendations would be quite welcome.

  2. Well, the Roman piece is the second largest I've done (the over-all size is a bit smaller than the blackwork piece I did, it's maybe 10"x10") and I haven't really used a frame or anything. I worked using an embroidery hoop a few times but it's hard to get it taut enough with thick Aida and cross-stitch.

    I'm having my brother make me one of these types of adjustable scroll frames: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rt=nc&nma=true&item=110620528185&si=k%252Bhp4We3hGD0960XMZPAQbXDrcw%253D&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT

    That seems to be the best to me because all you have to do is get a wider horizontal piece (which you can buy fairly cheap) so it's super adjustable.