Friday, December 10, 2010

Slowly but Happily

I started work on my Roman mosaic cross-stitch piece the other day and am moving along slowly, but happily.

Why not slowly but surely? Because surety is not as important as keeping cross-stitching a happy hobby for me. I am disabled and unable to work, therefore I have a lot of hours I can embroidery each day. However, doing hours and hours each day eventually starts to feel like work (hence one reason why I've been taking a break from knitting).

With such a big, complex piece of needlework the chance of getting burnt out and sick of the project is even higher. I'm trying to keep a smaller project around to work on at the same time when I need a less taxing bit of work and am also trying to make some new patterns (Tintin and Captain Haddock are in the works). I have a Felix the Cat pattern I made but that might be a little too boring since he's all-black.

The last couple days I haven't done any work on the mosaic as my sister and nephew have been visiting. Yesterday my nephew said my name for the first time! He's connected my name to me for six months or more but this past month he's started vocalizing first granny, grandpa, and now me! He's such a sweetheart (25 months old now) and is really the light of my life. My sister is also currently pregnant with their second, due in early May, and we just found out it will be a girl! So then I'll have two lights of my life (and they're moving down here soon so I'll get to see them all the time)!

I'm also working up a blackwork pattern focused around this rather old rhyme which my dad loves:

Little Willy in the best of sashes
Fell in the fire and was burnt to ashes
By and by the room grew chilly
For no one liked to poke up Willy

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