Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blackwork Quilt Motif - WIP 04

Well, hello! Look at this piece with half the background stitched. That's a whole skein of green 935 on there. Now of course I'm out, so it will be at least tomorrow before I can start again. I will eventually outline the entire outside edge as well, just to neaten it up a bit.

At 4:30 the sky got so dark I couldn't use only natural light to stitch! We just had a massive storm, and it's still raining, so it might pick back up again. We're all excited about tomorrow, as the high temperature is *only* 87. 

This is me dying of heat exhaustion. This is me realizing that even my cold water felt a little warm at 9:30 am! This is me praying that some nice person in Scotland would like to adopt me.

I've got a few new patterns to start and I'm feeling rushed and overwhelmed, like I never accomplish anything. I've certainly been ignoring the housework in favor of embroidery. 26 craft projects completed and 90 books read isn't so bad for six months work, I guess, but it's hard to keep that in mind.

Speaking of books, how much do I recommend A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel? A million times! A billion times! It's about her life as a kid in a very small town (pop. 300) in Indiana, and she writes it from the perspective, and in the voice of, her kid self (up to about age nine, I think). It's SO good and I especially recommend the audio edition, which is read by the author.


  1. That is an absolutely insane amount of stitching! The lines are a lot close together than I'd thought they'd be, but it works: the star really "pops".

    87F... It's 111F here in Arizona (at 6:39 PM!). Scotland sounds lovely.

    1. It is definitely a lot of stitching. I'm not sure it would work well to do it more sparsely, at least with a dark color. It also helps the colors of the variegated thread come through a little more.

      Ha, well, the 87 came after two weeks of 100 degree days + 40-70% humidity. The humidity tonight, for example, is 88%. We visited my aunt in New Mexico for a few weeks every summer through my whole childhood and I definitely know that for me at least, dry heat at high temperatures is much easier.

    2. Oh, yes, dry heat at high temperatures are much easier. One really bad summer we had 116F temperatures with 60F dewpoints. It was the most miserable heat I've ever experienced; usually the dewpoints are in the twenties and lower when it's that hot.