Saturday, May 14, 2011

A little work on Frida

Well it was about time I took up Frida again, so I did. I finished the main vine border, the plain dark green on. It goes all the way around her. The second set is almost done and go around about halfway. The third vine design will be a browny green with thorns. The color in the picture is a bit off - I took it at night so I had to up the contrast to get the light colored vine and flowers to be easily visible.

I finally got a magnifier that I can use while stitching (not a great one, just a holdover until I figure out a nicer one to get - any suggestions?) but I still feel like I'm going blind. Making an appointment for an eye exam next week (plus then I can get some cute new glasses from Zenni). 

Here in Charleston the summers are usually full of rain. It's a very very humid area so we'll get sudden huge downpours that last 15 minutes and then the sun comes out again. This is pretty good for gardeners but awful for me. My fibromyalgia pain gets way worse eight hours or so before it rains and stays bad until it starts raining. It's nice to be able to predict the rain (well, sort of) but it makes the summers horrible. Add to that the fact that the heat makes my legs, feet, and hands swell worse than usual and you have a fairly unhappy young lady.

So what to do other than throw myself into stitching, blindness or no! I'm almost done with my rose tea napkin, I did a rustic tea towel design, and I'm working on a custom piece for someone which includes a border that I'm very proud of. I'll be showing them off in the next few days.

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