Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a problem

The trouble with me and blogging is that I don't have much of a life. I'm mostly homebound and spend my time stitching, designing, reading, and occasionally playing Civilization games. The last year has been worse physically for me so I've been doing less baking and crafting.

So while I many opinions and recommendations and angry mentally written letters to advertising firms, I don't have many adventures. I go to the store, I visit my sister and her kids, I go out for lunch with my mom. It's not very interesting or exciting and it's very repetitive.

My new idea is to have a sort of theme for each day (or every other day). Book, movie, and music recommendations, maybe a day for other craft ideas, recipes, links to other amazing needlework projects, patterns and articles from vintage (pre-1960s) needlework magazines, etc... 

So here's my semi-plan:
Cooking Sunday
Movie Monday
Book Club Tuesday
Vintage Wednesday
Things I Love Thursday (featuring other needleworkers)
Music Fest Friday
Silly Saturday

I probably won't do this every day of every week, but mostly just on days when I don't have embroidery to post. When I was at boarding school I made announcements at breakfast every Wednesday morning to tell people a theme for Thursday. I made up things like "Don't Walk Dance" day and "International Cross-dressing Day" (though there probably is one of those). So this is right up my alley.

I gave you a book on Monday so I'll give you a movie today: Little Ashes - a movie about the friendship between Salvador Dali and Garcia Lorca when they were  at school together. It's a lovely movie and well-acted. Garcia Lorca is one of my favorite poets. He was truly amazing.

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