Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cat's in the bag...

So here's a work-in-progress picture of my controversial new piece. I saw controversial because I know there are always people who take umbrage at even fictional references to injuries to animals. I know a man who can't even bear to see cartoon cats in sadness. I personally think that's ridiculous.

I grew up with a lot of cats around. We lived in a tiny town and animals got dumped on the roadside all the time. We left cat food out and fed all the strays we could, most of them quite wild. The animal shelter was a mile or half-mile away and I'd walk up there with my dad and siblings to see the animals and sometimes feed a goat or deer with a bottle. Country animal shelters are the best because of the wild animals. 

So let me say now, that this is just a line that struck me as amusing. It's in one of the new St. Trinian's movies (I forget which one) and it just amuses me. A lot of people like to take random words with no ill-purpose more seriously than real things and events. So I don't care. I love cats, but this line is hilarious and the two things are not contradictory.

The font is one that I designed myself. I was unsure how it would look when actually strung together into words but I think it's generally a success. Let me know if you have any constructive criticism on it!

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