Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer colors

Orange and green together is one of my favorite color combinations, and this is one of my favorite borders I've done! I spent forever getting it perfectly symmetrical. This was a custom order through Etsy, certainly my favorite kind of order to get. It's just nice making something specific for someone else.
I finished working on a couple of blackwork alphabets so I need to pick a quote to show them off. I'm thinking "Cat's in the bag, bag's in the river." I love cats and fluffy things but that line cracks me up every time.

The last week has been really difficult. My pain's been off the charts and even my cat is driving me crazy. She wants to rub against my legs every two seconds and it just hurts too much. I very much need things to go back to the old sub-normal. And more Uncle Scrooge comics. I need more of those. 

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