Sunday, June 12, 2011

When it comes to humility, I'm the greatest!

So, putting aside humility, I will say that I'm a quite good cook. My specialties are desserts, bread, and cocktails. My lemon rosemary vodka drink is celebrated by all. A few summers ago I got really into making up sorbet recipes. Sorbet is so easy (I have an old ice cream maker that we've had since the early 1990s) and so perfect for the hot summer weather.

One of my favorites that I devised was apple cider sorbet. I crave fall, and I miss the nice, crisp, long falls of my childhood. So this is a great sorbet for when you're sick of summer - which I already am. If you want something more summery, I suggest lemon rosemary - you can make extra sorbet mix to use for cocktails or a spritzer!

Apple Cider Sorbet

**ALL ingredients must be chilled for at least 8 hours before they are put in your ice cream maker. The colder they are the most quickly your ice cream or sorbet will set.**

1 1/2 cups mulled apple cider (heat cider on stove for 20 minutes with cinnamon sticks, orange peel, cloves, etc...)
1 cup simple syrup (with a 2-1 water to sugar ratio)
1 T lemon juice
2 T canned pumpkin (add after the other ingredients are mixed and well chilled, just before you put it all in the machine)

Let work in ice cream maker for 45 min or until it reaches desired texture. Then freeze for hardness.

Recipe created by moi. For I am a mad genius of sorbet! Bwahaha! My fennel sorbet was misunderstood but I have a feeling those Iron Chefs would appreciate it for the palate cleanser that it is.

Tomorrow I'll have at least one and possibly two finished tea napkins to show you! I'm also working on a new pattern which says "revolting old soak" and could be gifted to many members of my family.

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